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Need to get in touch with us? If you have a question or need help using the site, check out our Site Tour Videos or use the information below to contact us. Is there a food item you couldn't find? Send us your suggestion using the form below. You can also view Help or Search Tips for more information.
Contact Information USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion 3101 Park Center Drive Room 1034 Alexandria, VA 22302-1594
Phone: 1-888-779-7264
Email: SuperTrackerHelp@cnpp.usda.gov
For questions related to the PALA+ or Presidential Champions programs, please write to Fitness@hhs.gov.
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Didn't find the food you were looking for in our database? Submit a suggestion. We appreciate your input. The food database will be updated on a periodic basis. We will consider user suggestions for future updates.